Insurance coverage: As a service to our patients we will bill the insurance carrier(s) for you. However, the patient is ultimately responsible for paying any and all medical expenses incurred.

Insurance Referrals / Authorizations: Oregon Neurology attempts to obtain appropriate insurance referrals prior to the office visit or procedure. However, it is the patient’s responsibility to verify that these referrals/authorizations are in place before services/tests are performed. All patients should be aware that if services or tests are performed without proper authorization, they may be financially responsible for the entire bill.

Insurance Co-payments and Co-insurance: All co-payments are due at the time of service. Oregon reserves the right to collect patient's coinsurance at the time of service if their insurance has the technology to provide this information. 

Cancellation Policy: We appreciate 24hours notice in the event you need to cancel your appointment. A deposit may be required to reschedule if you do not keep for your scheduled appointment or fail to cancel in a timely manner.

No Insurance Coverage: For patients with no insurance coverage, Oregon Neurology requires a deposit for both new and return patients. New patients are required to make a $300 deposit prior to scheduling an appointment. Return patients are required to make a $75 deposit when they check-in for their appointments. Patients with no insurance should talk with the Patient Accounts Department about our Prompt Pay Discount.

Credit/Debit Cards: Oregon Neurology accepts VISA , Mastercard, Discover and American Express in the office, over the phone and through our secure online payment system with our bank.

Patient Accounts Department is available Monday through Friday 7am – 4pm at 503 692 2850, option 6 or 503.856.0111 option 6.

If you have questions regarding Oregon Neurology’s Financial Policy, please contact the Administrator at 503 692 2850, x119.