Release of Information

Medical records release form


Oregon Neurology is closed.  The physicians are working for other healthcare groups.     

To reach Dr. Jamison, Dr. Loganbill or Dr. Phipps, please call  503.742.6900, medical records requests should be faxed to 971.282.0121.

To reach Dr. Delman, please call 503.413.6166.  Medical records requests should be faxed to 360.487.4709

If you were a patient of Dr. Burbank and need to establish with a new  physician, please call 503.742.6900.

For records of previous Oregon Neurology physicians (Dr. Emma Burbank, Dr. Paul Ash,

Dr. Michael Sluss, Dr. Robert Egan and Dr. Todd Devere), please send requests to or fax 503.664.3481. 

For any questions call 503.664.3480.