Release of Information

Medical records release form


Oregon Neurology is closed.  The physicians are working for other healthcare groups.     

To speak with someone regarding a balance due for services prior to February 3, 2018, please contact us at 503.664.3480 or fax 503.664.3481.   You can may contact us via email at   Your email will be answered within 2 business days. 

To reach Dr. Jamison, Dr. Loganbill or Dr. Phipps, please call  503.742.6900, medical records requests should be faxed to 971.282.0121.

To reach Dr. Delman, please call 503.413.6166.  Medical records requests should be faxed to 360.487.4709

If you were a patient of Dr. Burbank and need to establish with a new  physician, please call 503.742.6900.

For records of previous Oregon Neurology physicians

(Dr. Emma Burbank, Dr. Paul Ash, Dr. Michael Sluss, Dr. Robert Egan and Dr. Todd Devere), please send requests to or fax 503.664.3481. 

For questions call 503.664.3480.  

Secure Online Payment

Patients may pay their bills online through our secure payment website.

December 2017

Dear Patients of Oregon Neurology,

We would like to inform you that Oregon Neurology will be closing as a private practice group in February 2018. We would like to assure you that we will continue to care for you through new employers. ll of the staff and doctors have cherished the opportunity to be involved in your neurologic care over many years. We thank you for the trust you have placed in us. With the major changes in Medicine and with more changes anticipated, we believe that we will be best able to provide care as employed physicians.

Here are the details:
Dr. Burbank is moving to Washington State where she has been offered excellent professional and personal opportunities. Dr. Burbank’s patients may establish their care with another member of the group.

Dr. Delman will continue his practice in the same Tualatin office and will be joining the Legacy Medical Group – Neurology. Patients can continue to schedule future appointments at the current phone number 503.692.2850 until 1/21/18. Beginning 1/22/18 patients should call 503.413.6166 to schedule appointments or to reach staff for Dr. Delman.

Dr. Loganbill is joining the Providence Medical group and will be seeing patients at the current Keizer location.

Dr. Jamison is also joining the Providence Medical group and will be seeing patients at the current Oregon City location and at the Portland Providence campus.

Dr. Phipps is joining the Providence Medical group and will continue at the Oregon City location and have limited office hours in the Keizer and the Bridgeport Providence Offices.

We are scheduling patient appointments into the future with plans to transfer those schedules to our new employer's systems and locations in the next few months. Because the Legacy Group and the Providence Group accept slightly different insurance panels, please ask when you schedule your next appointment to be sure your insurance is accepted. If your insurance requires a referral for your office visit, a new referral will be required as referrals to Oregon
Neurology may no longer be valid. Office phone and fax numbers will remain the same for Drs. Loganbill, Phipps and Jamison. Dr. Delman’s phone number is 503.413.6166 beginning 1/22/18.

Referring physicians have copies of your records.  But if you would like a copy of your records, medical records requests should be sent to Oregon Neurology at fax 503.655.9113 or
503.856.0555, or the Oregon City office address.  Fax numbers and addresses will remain the same in the future.      Records requests for Dr. Delman's patients should be faxed to 360.487.4709.

Please be aware that the Oregon Neurology patient portal will no longer be accessible as of 2/2/18. You will have the opportunity to sign up with either the Legacy or Providence portal after your first appointment beginning 2/5/18.

Change is everywhere in Medicine. However, we will try to keep constant the deep caring connection we have with our patients. We doctors, our staff, and our newly affiliated groups plan to make this transition as smooth as possible for you.

Emma Burbank, MD

David Delman, MD

Kevin Jamison, MD
Heidi Loganbill, MD

Thomas Phipps, MD